All about the English Maypole
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Festivals and Performances


Maypole dancing is ideal for festivals of all sizes from local fetes and street parties up to major festivals such as Countryfile Live.

Workshops for adults as well as children plus plenty of performance options.

Past events include IVFDF (Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival) 2014, Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2014, Wicker Man Festival at Butser Ancient Farm 2017, Countryfile Live 2016 & 2017.

Maypole Events

See news and events for performances by the mAy team and others.

Creating a show

We can work with groups of volunteers, dance schools and others to add maypole dancing to your event. All things are possible but are often budget dependent.


Mike is a member of the mAy team who performs across the country throughout the year, take a look at their website!

the mAy team